Invest in Fine Jewelry For The Sake of The Environment


You have heard of investing in fine jewelry for many reasons. One of which that is probably the most common - “Invest in fine jewelry because it will last longer than anything else you own!” For fine jewelry, that is a fine point.


People also invest in fine jewelry for other reasons, like to celebrate an occasion. Engagement rings, a piece that commemorates a graduation or accomplishment, or they even purchase something to keep as a family heirloom to pass down for generations to come. All are extremely valuable reasons for purchasing a piece of jewelry that will last for decades or even centuries.


However, have you ever thought of investing in fine jewelry for the sake of the environment? Probably haven’t heard of that one yet!

 Photo by Jon Tyson

Think about it. Plastic, fake jewelry is manufactured by the tons every day throughout the world, only to be thrown out a few months after purchasing it. Any store you go to, you can easily find this type of “jewelry” and can even see the imperfections before you even buy it. So, how exactly does it affect the environment?


First, the amount of plastic that it takes to go into making all of the jewelry and the plastic containers it comes in, can add up to literal tons of plastic that are all just going to be thrown out into a local dump. The “Fast Fashion” movement can be great for your wallet, on short term, that is. But is it really worth it when the gold color fades away and turns your skin green? Or what about the non-biodegradable products that go into producing and manufacturing the jewelry that you have to throw away within months because it’s going to just ruin itself?


In the long run, you even lose money. You continuously throw money at cashiers only to reappear when you need to replace your mimic Tiffany’s ring. Why not buy the real thing once and not have to replace it every few weeks because the chemistry of it is decomposing?


Even if you wanted to return it to the store, they wouldn’t have it because it had corroded. Also, they would probably just throw it in the garbage bin for you. Fine jewelry pieces, on the other hand,  tax lighter on the environment. Because you can always recycle precious metal and up-cycle gems and diamonds, you can take it back to the store and they will personally have it handled to be recycled. This means they don’t just throw it away to leave it to the environment to deal with.


Millions of tons of waste each year is due to products with excessive plastic. Unfortunately, the trends within popular brand stores selling their “Fast Fashion” accessories isn’t helping, only adding weight to the current problem.


Besides, plastic things that are around for a moment can’t bring you nearly as many memories as a piece of fine jewelry that you invested in and took responsibility for. Pieces like that can last lifetimes, be used as conversation starters, and remind you of moments in time in an instant. They are like little pieces of history that will always be there.


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