Sustainable Future in Fashion

                                                                          Photo by Karina Tess

Debuting in New York Fashion Week, we are entering the 2020 Spring-Summer season with the growing concept of sustainable fashion. Although this trend has popped around the Internet for a while now, it is finally taking storm at Fashion Week and setting the runway on fire.


The idea of sustainable fashion is geared towards addressing the whole system of fashion and its lasting effects on the world as we know it. Considering that clothing goes in and out of style, depending on the season, what happens when the new outshines the old? You can also see sustainable fashion as “eco-fashion” where we are learning about how we can preserve, recycling, and refashion fashion! At the end of it all, the responsibility belongs to the consumer to clothe themselves in attire that will benefit everyone, including our planet.


In Vice’s i-D magazine about designers who shone down the runway at New York Fashion Week with their sustainable fashion + beautiful pieces, we would like to highlight some of our favorite lines that we will see come out in the new year that makes sustainability above fashion.


Mara Hoffman

Unable to ignore the significant impact that fashion has on the environment, Mara Hoffman has been dedicated to understanding sustainable fashion since 2016 in hopes to get others on board, as well. As one of the first pioneers of sustainable fashion, she is committed to creating sustainability in her work all the way down to the recycled and minimal packaging her clothes go to. Her light-hearted designs and flamboyant patterns always make statements at Fashion Week, but her line for the 2020 Spring-Summer Collection is more commendable for its smaller economic footprint.


Zero + Maria Cornejo

While have been given the reputation of a more luxurious sustainable brand, Maria Cornejo has aimed her 2020 Spring Collection to be even more eco-friendly. Cornejo has already nixed a lot of typical Fashion Week traditions in hopes that other designers follow suit. She didn’t do the physical, paper invites this year nor did she include any non-recyclable items with her presentation. With her fashion ahead of the sustainable brand game already, she has taken pride that her 2020 collection is rooted in eco-friendly and organic textiles. An announcement was made that Cornejo has partnered with Hyundai to upcycle old leather and textiles from a car’s interior - proving that sustainable fashion can come from literally anywhere at all, this seems like a partnership this world is in need of.

Collina Strada (Hillary Taymour)

Making a huge splash at her 2019 Fall Collection show with trash strewn along the runway as she called the industry (including her own brand!) to clean up its mess, Hillary Taymour isn’t keeping quiet anytime soon. Her 2020 Spring line is taking it up a notch and is looking for others to follow with ideas of hers like having the “stage” outside rather than in a venue where lighting and such is overtly needed. All of her pieces are going to include past seasons’ fabrics, accessories will be made of children’s toys, and continue to 100% use dead-stock fabrics for the line. With all of the plastic from toys and textiles of previous seasons that would just be sitting in a landfill or warehouse somewhere, Taymour is looking to repurpose it to include in every single aspect of her fashion label.


Is it worth big designer labels to go big or go home for NYFW? To be blunt, no. As one of the largest contributors to our waste crisis and pollution effects, the fashion industry has no choice other than to be mindful of what they are putting on the runway. Although they may want their buzz-worthy moment to try to be the next biggest image circulating the web, they are also realizing this is a generation who is also extremely mindful of the direction our planet is heading. Consumers concerns are less with how extravagant textiles can be, but how reusable and resourceful they can be to themselves and their planet.




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