We only work with high-quality precious metals set with ethically sourced natural diamonds and gemstones.  In line with our commitment to sustainability, we up-cycle our materials and purchased precious metals from recycled source when available.




We curate a premium collection of diamonds of various cuts, sizes and colors. Our fancy color diamonds are natural and not enhanced in any ways. Due to limited availability, our color diamond pieces are not available to order. We use the best available cut diamonds we could source. When it comes to the cut, we understand the important aspect of having a well-proportioned facet and girdle thickness which allow maximum penetration of light. When it comes to the clarity, we only work with VS clarity and nothing less.



We offer a selection of natural gemstones ranging from sapphires to morganite and topaz. Our selection varies depending on availability. This means our gemstone jewelry pieces are never reproduced  and are not available for reorder. 



At Nimora Studio, we are a big fan of Rose and of course white, but also sometimes yellow. As you might already know, gold can be yellow, white or rose, depending on its composition. In its natural state, gold has a yellowish tone - which shows on white gold jewelry once the polish wears off - but when combined with other metals for strength and colors, these metals can give it a yellowish, pinkish and silvery (white) tint. The choice is yours, they are equally beautiful and can be worn together quite perfectly.



Our silver collection is made with 925 Sterling Silver, an alloy with composition of 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% Copper. We only use black Rhudium plate and matte finish on all our silver pieces. Rhodium is one of the priciest metals due to its rarity.